The Zannier family aims to pursue excellence, defend genuine hospitality and share positive vibes.
le sens de l’hospitalité et le goût du partage.

Our Values

The Zannier family always had aimed to promote a genuine art of living. An epicurean and convivial vision of life that is visible through its various activities.

The Zannier spirit lies in a perpetual search for excellence, a sense of hospitality and a taste for sharing. Whether it is with Zannier Hotels , that offers the art of hospitality to every corner of the world, or with Domaines Roger Zannier , which combines gastronomy and tourism, it is clear that the notions of conviviality and pleasure are the real driving forces.

Each project built by the Zannier family conveys strong values that can be summed up in terms of conviviality, honesty, simplicity, comfort, creativity and integrity.

Providing high-quality goods and services in a pure and elegant atmosphere that promotes evasion and share: this is the inspiration of the group. In short, a hedonistic approach, all in simplicity, that invites you to enjoy the moment.